Monday, August 20, 2018

Wild One

I instantly fell in love with the colours on the mood board for the August challenge over at Scrap the Girls. 

And I knew exactly which pictures I wanted to choose from & this month I was spot on (for a change lol).

When my niece was approaching her 1st birthday my SIL wanted to do a cake smash & use the pictures for the birthday party invites.

I've never done a cake smash (also never had a baby but I'm always more than happy to take photos. So we set about getting organised & the cake smash gave my SIL the opportunity to have a test run with making the birthday cake. 

My SIL had chosen a ladybug theme for the party & this included a costume for my niece to wear. 

On the day everything was going great. It took my niece a little while to understand that she was allowed to touch the cake but that was fine with me as I snapped off a heap of amazing photos of her. 

Memories to treasure. 

Then she got into the cake...

Can I just say that nowhere during the planning stages did ANYone pipe up with a thought about what a RED ladybug cake might look like once it got smashed by an almost 1 year old....

It was like a scene from The Walking Dead.

It certainly hadn't occurred to ME...I've never done a cake smash before! LOL

So the picture I chose for this layout is before things got really really gross, because I promised my SIL the other ones would never see the light of day...EVER...

And all I can think of when I see the pictures from that day is the meme of the baby covered in a cranky face & the caption "BRING ME ANOTHER SMURF!!"



  1. Wow! What a story to tell!! You're page is awesome! I just love those slashes of paint!
    such a great photo too!!
    Thanks for joining us at Scrap The Girls

    1. Thank you! I love the mood board & loved creating this page. I can see myself using a similar colour scheme to scrap the rest of this album :-D

  2. Wow, wow, wow, I love those strips of paint on the background. Fantastic layout.Thanks for joining us at Scrap the Girls.